Questions and Answers…


A word about deposits...


If you want to book an appointment it will require a deposit. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.  This applies to drawing up a design too, as much as we love designing and creating art, we can't be expected to draw a design for free.



Does it hurt?


Yes is the short answer. But, as pain is subjective, it's a personal thing. Some say it's like getting burned, others say it's like a cat scratching you. We say it's like getting tattooed. A better way to look at it would be, if it hurt that much, why would people go back for more?


What's the most painful place to get tattooed?


Again this is a personal thing. Experience generally tells us that the ribs, belly and hands/feet aren't pleasant. Everyone gets through it though, and it's worth the pain.


Can I have a tattoo under the age of 18 if my parents come?


No, the law in the UK states that it is illegal to tattoo minors. It doesn't matter what your mates have told you or what you believe to be the truth. No tattoos for under 18's. Simple.


How long does it take to heal?


Ages. Well... it can feel like ages. Truth is, it really does depend on how you look after it and what type of healer you are. Generally we expect our tattoos, if looked after correctly, to heal within 3 weeks.


Do you do cover ups?


Yes we do. We do need to see the tattoo in question first so it's wise to book a consultation. Please be aware that some tattoos are not coverable by certain designs.


I want my first tattoo to be special do you have any pictures I can look at?


It's the most common thing for people to say. But think about it. If you want your tattoo to be special and mean something (we all want that) then find it within you. You won't find it in a book or on the net. Chances are someone else already has it. Talk to the artist and come up with something together. Sure, it'll cost you more, but you wanted it to be special right?


How much does a tattoo cost?


The shop minimum is £50 and that's the absolute lowest. Custom work starts at £70 per hour and day rates are £330

Don't haggle in the studio, it's rude and insulting. You are paying for the artist and their time. If you think the price is too steep then go elsewhere.

Where possible you will always be told the maximum cost of your tattoo.


How do I look after my tattoo?


Follow our instructions for our tattoos. Every artist knows how well their tattoos heal. Keep the cling film on for a couple of hours. Wash it gently without soap and dab it dry


Apply E45/Tattoo Goo/Redemption/Pride/Aloe Vera/Cocoa Butter (pick one and stick with it) three times a day for a week to two weeks. You only need a pea-sized amount at a time. Rub this in gently to prevent scabbing. If you overdo this, you will run the risk of over hydrating/medicating the skin and it will start to flare up in a rash which can take MONTHS to heal. Seriously, let your body help the healing process. We do not encourage the use of Bepanthen or Vaseline


Will my picture be published on the internet?


Unless you tell us otherwise, then we will do all the usual tags and stuff via the social  media sites. If you don't want us to then all that will appear is a  cropped image of the tattoo.


Why do you require a deposit for booking in and drawing up  my design?


Simple really. Drawing designs take a long period of time and  creativity it's rude to expect that for free. As for a booking deposit,  we need to know that your space is guaranteed, if you fail to show up  then you will loose your deposit. Both design and booking fees will be deducted from your final amount.


Can my friends come and watch?


Possibly, the artist will let you know. Generally it's one friend.


Is there anything I need to do before I come to the studio?


Quite a few things will help. Eat and drink. You cannot get tattooed  on an empty stomach. Your body will fight the tattoo and use up your  resources, so top them up before coming down. It is handy to bring a  drink and a chocolate bar with you. Shave the area being tattooed. Sounds silly but it'll save a lot of time  that you might end up paying for. Especially if you are really hairy!  Please don't be offended if we still shave you ladies. Small hairs can  get pushed under the skin by the needles and cause infection. No one  wants that. Wear appropriate clothing! If your tattoo is going to require your  clothing to be removed then maybe try and wear something to  'preserve your dignity'... Make sure you know where the studio is. Don't turn up late. It's rude.  If you are going to be late let then let us know.