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Frequently Asked Questions


This is updated regularly following the latest guidelines and studio policy

What is a Booking Fee (formerly a deposit)?
All appointments require a booking fee to be paid. This is to secure your appointment and cover the artist for their time spent on your design and appointment. It also includes making some of the studio costs are covered in the event of you failing to attend or needing to rearrange. This fee is usually £50 and will come off the total charge of your tattoo on that day. Booking Fees are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE.

How can I pay a Booking Fee?
You can pay in several ways! We accept cash, card, PayPal, online payments and now Klarna. If you wish to pay by Klarna you will have to come in ten days before your booked appointment and pay your booking fee. This will be done as your first payment through Klarna, it will also be the first amount Klarna will take off you and may be larger than £50.

Do you sell Vouchers or Gift Certificates?
We sell gift certificates in the studio and online. They must be used within a year of purchase or they will expire. They must be presented in the studio when you pay. There is no deviation from this, they are barcoded and without them they will not count towards your payment. They must be in good condition and can only be used once.

Can I have someone with me when I get tattooed?
You may bring someone with you but only the person being tattooed will be able to go into the treatment area. You will be asked to stay in the waiting room if you are not being tattooed. Under 18's are not allowed in the studio.

I am under 18, can I have my parent's permission to get tattooed?
Unfortunately and contrary to popular belief, this is illegal. The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 strictly prohibits this.

I have my tattoo booked in, what do I need to do?
You should refrain from drinking any alcohol the night before and on the day of your appoinment. Make sure that you have a good meal beforehand and bring a sugary drink and food with you.
You should be clean and hygienic, especially in the area you are being tattooed. Please make sure you are bathed and have exfoliated. If you are in an unhygienic or dirty state the you may have your appoinment canclled and you will have to pay another booking fee.
You must wear appropriate clothing that is clean and allows the artist access to the area being tattooed. Please make sure you wear appropriate underwear if you are to be sitting in your underwear. If you are going to be topless and are concerned about your nipples being on show then please cover them with tape or nipple covers.
Please note that artists will not be expected to touch your clothes with their gloves and they require a reasonable bare area of skin to work on.
Your clothes may also get dirty during the process. Please don't come in your best expensive clothing.
If you require a chapperone or you are having an intimate tattoo then you will need to speak to the studio or your artist to arrange a time when the studio is quieter. We will provide a chapperone, you may not bring your own.

How can I pay for my tattoo?
We accept Cash, Card, Paypal, and Klarna (Klarna payments must be done ten days in advance and in the studio)

My tattoo has been done! How do I look after it?
You will receive a detailed aftercare sheet and advice from your artist. You are expected to follow all aftercare advice properly and treat your new tattoo like a wound. You need to keep it clean and aired, applying a small thin layer of moisturiser a couple of times a day. You can download the aftercare sheet HERE

We will allow one reschedule free of charge as long as we have had seven days notice. You will need to pay another booking fee for every other reschedule per tattoo. Or if you haven't given us enough notice. Any deviation from this will be at management's discretion

Klarna Reschedules
The same rules apply as a normal reschedule. However if you wish to pay again via Klarna, you will need to come in ten days before your appointment and to pay. You will need to book in and attend your appointment within three months or lose your upfront payment. Any deviation from this will be at management's discretion

Additional Costs that may be inccured
If the Studio or the Artist feels that the following applies, you may be asked for an additional payment.

    Drinking the night before causing heavy or excessive bleeding
    Not following the advice given pre tattoo - especially eating
    Not disclosing information that will cause a tattoo to take longer
    Not mentioning medications or illnesses asked for in the consent form
    Taking phone calls, needing frequent breaks, or any other reason that may impact an artist working on you.

If you are poorly or on antibiotics
If you are poorly or are on antibiotics, you will not be tattooed. Please do not come into the studio and expect to be tattooed. If you have been on a course of antibiotics, then you will have needed to finish the entire course and been clear of them for one week

Design Changes
On the day design changes or a complete change of what you were booked in for will result in your appointment being rescheduled and you will be required to pay another booking fee. Our artists do not work for free and they deserve to be paid for the time they take creating your design. If you make major last minute changes then you will be subject to this rule.